Prayer for the Outrage Machine

Outrage is my spine;

It pulls me upright in the morning, draws me to the keyboard,

Drives me into the streets.

I wake in the still hours;

Outrage is my companion.


For the empty classrooms

And those overfilled with children;

For double-dealing judges,

And the houseless man who got a $237 ticket

For living in the park down my street.


Outrage is my spine;

It lifts my head, opens my mouth

And I am talking, explaining, exhorting, declaiming. Reasoning:

to keep from screaming.

Outrage is my voice.


For the creatures that perish in wildfire;

And the people walking across borders;

For those killed at prayer,

For guns, guns, guns, guns



Outrage is my spine;

I breathe in and out, unfurling the column of bones.

I pray for the strength

To bend, to attend, to listen, to hear

the soft animal of soul as it curls around me.


Prayer for the Outrage Machine

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